2022 AI Policy Global Update: South Korea

CalypsoAI’s 2022 AI Policy Global Updates are your guide to the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) around the world. What nations are becoming AI leaders? How are they leveraging this exploding technology? And what does it mean as nations around the world race to become the global leader in AI?

This third installment focuses on South Korea, which has widely invested in national strategies for research, development, and deployment of AI in both the public and private sectors. These strategies have also included a focus on developing ethics and securing infrastructure, though it maintains a regulatory framework designed to get projects up on their feet as soon as possible. For this reason, testing and validation practices will be critical to AI’s growth in South Korea.

This report includes information on all these issues, with additional information on South Korea’s military applications of AI. As former South Korean President Moon Jae-in said, “The advancement of AI will lead humanity into a world never experienced before.”

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