Use cases

Aerial Imagery and Reconnaissance

Cutting-edge technologies are deployed all over the world to track the movements of weapons, military units, and more. This results in hundreds of terabytes of aerial imagery and reconnaissance data gathered per day. Only machine-learning models can analyze and process this vast amount of data.

How VESPR Validate Drives Mission Success

Static and FMV imagery

Test a video capture against your ML model and receive results to identify the model’s weaknesses, such as misclassification.

Visual corruptions

Identify the points at which your model will fail against corruptions such as weather, blur, and more.


The more secure your model, adversaries will be unable to access training data or modify imagery.

ML Failure - Adverse Weather Conditions

Confident AI Decision-Making

Through our testing capabilities, model vulnerabilities are identified, enabling mission stakeholders to make rapid decisions on deployment.


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