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Large language models (LLMs) have emerged as game-changers of epic proportions, providing unprecedented data analysis, risk assessment, investment strategy, and customer engagement opportunities across industries and markets. However, ensuring the safe and secure use of these models is a critical concern for every organization, leading many to ban their use. 

Not only is that reaction short-sighted, it’s unnecessary. LLMs can be integrated safely and securely at scale across the enterprise with no risk to the organization, its employees, or its confidential data. CalypsoAI’s ground-breaking GenAI security and enablement platform is user-friendly with no costly or inconvenient changes needed to integrate into the existing security infrastructure and provides seamless API integration. It’s also user-friendly on the front end with its simple, straightforward user interface that requires no time-consuming employee training.  

Our platform is LLM-agnostic, so general LLMs, such as ChatGPT, Anthropic, and others can be made available across the enterprise, and specialized models, such as BloombergGPT, Harvey and others can be made available to specific teams or individuals. Users select the model they want to use from a curated, admin-determined drop-down list. The platform adds no latency issues, so the user experiences the same rapid response they would without using the platform, but with the added security that a set of customizable scanners review every prompt. If a prompt triggers a customized, organization-specific directive regarding inappropriate content or usage, it is blocked and does not leave the system.

In essence, the platform functions as a weightless, protective trust layer for the organization’s security infrastructure by directing users’ LLM prompts through scanners that filter outgoing content for data leakage, including terms that violate organization-specific acceptable-use policies; project names, proprietary data, or personal identifiers, such as employee numbers; or attempts to bypass internal controls, just as jailbreak attacks or other adversarial attacks. It also scans LLM responses for unacceptable content, such as malicious code or offensive, unethical, or dangerous information. The interface also provides admin-level users with granular controls for fine-tuning the platform’s behavior, allowing for easy adaptability when internal or external policies are modified or the threat environment changes, and the ability to apply policy-based access controls for teams and individual users. 

In addition to minimizing concerns and complexity, CalypsoAI’s platform offers robust traceability and enables the organization to review real-time and long-term analytics for activity, content, cost, and other significant data points. The platform records all details of each interaction, including the prompt, the user, the date and time, and all scanner interactions, providing full auditability and attribution in a secure, private environment. Information can also be deleted at the admin level to ensure compliance with regulatory, industry, or company privacy policies. 

Our focus is allowing your organization to confidently leverage the power of groundbreaking LLM technology while safeguarding sensitive data, enhancing operational efficiency, and adhering to ethical standards.   


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