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It’s clear that generative AI is already departing the hype cycle and is well on its way to becoming a foundational part of the business landscape across industries and market sectors.

Today we are proudly launching the CalypsoAI Platform, the industry’s most advanced SaaS-based security and enablement solution for generative AI (GenAI) enterprise applications. The platform enables technology, innovation, and security leaders to harness the power of GenAI and large language models (LLMs) across the enterprise safely and securely. 

We understand that having the right security and enablement strategy is critical to realizing value from GenAI deployments. The CalypsoAI Platform provides organizations with the levels of trust, visibility, and cost measurement tools needed to spur and support enterprise-wide adoption of AI by creating a trust layer while simultaneously optimizing processes, protecting data, and eliminating cyber threats. 

A peerless API enables this novel, model-agnostic cybersecurity and enablement platform to mesh quickly and seamlessly with existing workflows. The platform provides real-time LLM insights and recommendations while keeping models secure. 

The CalypsoAI Platform offers: 

  • Robust Security and Observability Across All LLM Usage—Innovative dashboards enable full observability and visibility, offering a unique solution that actively scans and identifies potential vulnerabilities. Immediate alerts and defensive measures against both internal and external threats protect systems in real time. Administrators have the capability to analyze and assess critical information regarding model performance, encompassing aspects such as decision-making mechanisms, boundaries, dependability, productivity, and overall efficacy.
  • Model-Agnostic Enablement for Custom and Third-Party LLMs—Our platform empowers users to develop top-tier AI applications and carry out digital transformation initiatives free from the restrictions imposed by LLM providers. Intuitive and user-centered, CalypsoAI streamlines the process, making it easier than ever to explore and expand GenAI projects across modalities and models, including large, small, and custom-built models operating asynchronously.
  • Seamless API for Quick and Easy Integration—Our proprietary API offers businesses the opportunity to enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability. It achieves this by delivering a user-friendly experience, straightforward simplicity, and rapid performance, ensuring uninterrupted integration with current organizational workflows. 
  • New Plug-and-Play Capabilities—It only takes a few lines of code to allow users to experience unprecedented ease of access and be operational in no time.
  • Complete Alignment on Compliance Standards—Our platform delivers advanced solutions that safeguard the longevity of business success and ensure data security when implementing LLMs, regardless of potential regulatory changes.

We’re confident that our ground-breaking SaaS platform will provide the levels of trust and reliability organizations require while driving efficiency and achieving the highest level of safety and security. We invite you to learn more about it. 


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