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Following our success at the RSA conference in San Francisco, we are thrilled to announce our attendance at the largest tech event in Europe, the VivaTech conference, through a collaboration with Orange, one of the world’s largest global telecommunication companies. CalypsoAI will be showcasing the next generation of AI security that can apply to any functional and linguistic requirement across the spectrum of EMEA countries. 

About Orange

With 298 million customers throughout 26 countries, Orange is at the forefront of providing innovative IT and telecommunication services. Known for its strategic plan Lead the Future, Orange leverages network excellence to reinforce its leadership in service quality and technological performance.

For the eighth consecutive year, Orange is a Founding Partner of Viva Technology, showcasing its commitment to driving technological innovation and fostering a secure, sustainable digital ecosystem. Their dedication to integrating AI and cybersecurity by design aligns perfectly with our mission at CalypsoAI.

CalypsoAI’s Vision and Mission

At CalypsoAI, we are dedicated to delivering AI security solutions that ensure the safe, secure, and scalable deployment of GenAI solutions across the enterprise with our SaaS-enabled Security, Enablement, and Orchestration platform and state-of-the-art features. Our partnership with Orange at VivaTech symbolizes a shared commitment to advancing AI technologies while prioritizing security and ethical standards.

What to Expect at VivaTech

VivaTech is a hub for innovation, bringing together startups, established companies, investors, and thought leaders from around the world. As we join forces with Orange, attendees can expect to see cutting-edge demonstrations and discussions addressing how AI can be securely integrated into business processes.

Our collaboration with Orange highlights several key areas:

  • AI and Cybersecurity Integration: Showcasing solutions that incorporate robust security measures into AI systems from the ground up.
  • Innovative Use Cases: Presenting real-world applications of AI that enhance operational efficiency while maintaining stringent security protocols.
  • Expert Insights: Engaging with experts from both CalypsoAI and Orange to discuss the future of AI and cybersecurity.

Why This Partnership Matters

Partnering with Orange at VivaTech is a testament to our shared vision of a secure digital future. Orange’s extensive experience and global reach provide a strong platform for CalypsoAI to demonstrate its innovative AI security solutions on a larger stage.

Join Us at VivaTech

We invite you to join us at VivaTech at the Orange Booth G12-J15 to explore the exciting developments in AI security and see firsthand how CalypsoAI, in collaboration with Orange, is leading the charge toward a safer, smarter digital world. Together, we are committed to building the networks of the future and ensuring they are secure.

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing our vision for the future of AI security.


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