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The features offered by GenAI are increasing daily, with text-to-image, text-to-speech, and speech-to-image capabilities piling into a landscape already teeming with text-generating large language models (LLMs). Across that landscape, the output is becoming more and more refined, and more and more difficult to discern as AI-generated. Threat actors have taken notice, too, and the ways to embed malicious code into responses have also become more refined and difficult to detect. 

Malicious code entering an organization does not “infect” the system on its own. That step requires two-part harmony, as such: The malicious code is hidden in a response because either the perpetrators know of a vulnerability that exists in the targeted system or they are hoping to find one, such as in a phishing or social engineering attack, and the recipient of the response must perform an action to execute the code, such as clicking on a link, downloading software, or copy-pasting and running the code on the target network. 

The responsibility, therefore, lies with humans to be aware of the potential for malicious content to be present in responses, as well as to know what to look for, and to maintain good cyber hygiene. All these tasks are much easier said than done and so organizations must rely on existing automated security features to scan for incoming code. However, language models are still relatively new in the enterprise space and old network security features don’t address them

New problems require new solutions, and CalypsoAI’s SaaS-enabled security and orchestration platform is the answer you’re looking for, with security, privacy, and traceability available in one easy-to-use tool. Our model-agnostic solution can be used with any GenAI model, closing the gap that exists between existing network security solutions and the deployment of tools, such as LLMs, that don’t fall under their protections. The broad set of customizable scanners review the content in every prompt to ensure private or proprietary data does not leave your organization and review every response to detect malicious code and other suspicious content, preventing it from entering your system. All details of each interaction, including the prompt, the user, and the date and time, and all scanner results, are recorded, providing full auditability and attribution around activity, content, and cost in a secure, private environment. 

CalypsoAI’s comprehensive solution bridges the gap between traditional network security and the unique challenges posed by LLMs and other GenAI tools. Embracing our innovative, API-driven platform enables organizations to stay one step ahead in the race toward a safer, more secure AI future.

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