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In their recent “Securing Generative AI” report, Forrester singled out CalypsoAI as a distinguished key player in the GenAI security ecosystem. This mention is not just a nice acknowledgment, but a significant testament to CalypsoAI’s pivotal role in shaping the present and future of AI security.

Being so named by Forrester, a premier consulting firm celebrated for its accuracy and reliability, is an honor reserved for those at the forefront of technological innovation. We consider this mention as not merely a commendation, but a validation of our pioneering work and its substantial impact on the AI security domain, as well as our specific contributions to Gen AI security and enablement. These include:

  • Innovative Solutions: Our state-of-the-art solutions in AI security, such as our SaaS-enabled model enablement and orchestration platform, sets us apart from other firms and showcases our commitment to advancing the field. We don’t follow industry trends; we set them, paving the way for new developments.
  • Thought Leadership: Our forward-thinking approach and deep understanding of GenAI trends have positioned us as thought leaders in this arena. Our ability to forecast and adapt to changing dynamics in technology puts us ahead of the curve.
  • Impactful Contributions: Our contributions go beyond our products; we influence and drive advancements in AI security. Our industry-leading expertise and insights influence technology development, policy-making, and best practices within the industry.

Our inclusion in such an authoritative report is a significant milestone for the company as it reaffirms our leadership and expertise in the GenAI security space. It’s a recognition that echoes our reputation for elevating industry standards and delivering reliable, effective, and groundbreaking AI security solutions, and solidifies our position as a trusted partner for organizations navigating the complexities of GenAI.

As the industry evolves, we promise that CalypsoAI will continue to lead with innovation, excellence, and a deep understanding of the transformative power of AI.

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