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At the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, organizations face a relentless onslaught of emerging threats demanding unwavering vigilance to safeguard their sensitive data and operations. At RSA 2024, CalypsoAI proudly announces the launch of two groundbreaking features poised to redefine AI security: a Next Gen Security Scanner and a Model Agnostic Bot. These cutting-edge innovations will revolutionize how enterprises approach data protection and communication security.

Next-Gen Security Scanner: Empowering Customized Defense

CalypsoAI introduces the industry’s first customizable Next Gen Security Scanner, designed to address the unique challenges of modern enterprises in safeguarding their AI-driven assets. This advanced scanner empowers organizations to tailor AI-powered security solutions to their specific use cases, ensuring unparalleled protection against threats and vulnerabilities.

Enterprises can now build security solutions that align with their diverse needs, enabling granular control over protecting sensitive information. From safeguarding new drug formulations in the Pharmaceutical industry to securing proprietary investment strategies in the Financial sector, the Next Gen Security Scanner offers unparalleled customization.

Moreover, by consolidating disparate security tools into a single, adaptable platform, organizations can streamline their security operations, reducing expenses and complexity while maximizing return on investment. Additionally, the platform allows for quick adaptation to emerging threats, ensuring that defenses evolve alongside evolving needs.

Model Agnostic Bot: Securing Communication Platforms

In another stride toward comprehensive AI security, CalypsoAI introduces the Model Agnostic Bot, an innovative security enhancement seamlessly integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams. This solution empowers employees to leverage AI within their preferred communication platforms while maintaining stringent security standards.

The Model Agnostic Bot enables organizations to harness the power of AI within their familiar Slack and Microsoft Teams environments, enhancing communication efficiency without compromising security. Whether leveraging OpenAI, Anthropic, or private Azure models, the solution ensures flexibility and compatibility across various AI frameworks.

Moreover, through robust auditing and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) assessments, CalypsoAI ensures that all operations within communication platforms adhere to strict security parameters, safeguarding sensitive data and operations.

Setting a New Record in AI Defense

The industry has already noted CalypsoAI’s remarkable strides in AI defense. In a recent article by AIM Research titled “Beware, Gen AI is Watching with CalypsoAI,” our efforts were recognized for setting a new record in AI defense. This acknowledgment further solidifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI security and redefining industry standards.

AI Orchestration: Driving Seamless Integration

At CalypsoAI, we recognize the importance of AI Orchestration in achieving comprehensive security and functionality. AI Orchestration strategically manages and integrates multiple Gen AI functions within an enterprise’s technological framework, ensuring seamless coordination across different operational domains. By leveraging multimodal AI and orchestrating multiple models, our platform consolidates the management of diverse AI applications, aligning them with overarching business objectives.

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, CalypsoAI remains committed to empowering organizations with innovative solutions that redefine the future of AI security. 

As we unveil these groundbreaking features at RSA 2024, we invite cybersecurity professionals to visit our booth at 3232. Additionally, book an exclusive meeting with us to delve deeper into how CalypsoAI can elevate your organization’s security posture. And join us for our exclusive happy hour event, where you can network with industry peers and explore the latest advancements in AI security. For more information and to request a demo, visit our dedicated page: CalypsoAI RSA 2024.