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Building more and more AI-dependent tools into an organization’s digital infrastructure is a good thing for everyone who will use the system. The decision-makers will see efficiencies and optimizations occur in real time; users will be able to streamline many tasks and automate the repetitive ones. The number-crunchers will see early evidence of the ROI they live for. But, when we say everyone, we mean everyone. That includes the threat actors who know that organizations across industries and irrespective of size follow an unfortunate pattern of deploying first and securing later. 

You can bet they are hoping the in-house AI, IT, and cyber security teams will be dealing with the internal vulnerabilities brought on by digital sprawl and shadow AI, and not fully focused on the vast expansion of their attack surface. That’s why introducing enterprise-scale AI tools requires integrating enterprise-grade protection strategies at the same time.

AI’s Unique Security Challenges and Solutions

AI systems are extraordinarily complex, relying on vast datasets of often sensitive, personal, or proprietary data to execute their tasks that can range from crafting a sales strategy to making autonomous decisions involving resource allocation. This reliance leaves them susceptible to a range of internal and external security threats, including data loss or breaches, model tampering, and adversarial attacks. Protecting these powerful, yet fragile systems requires a nuanced understanding of AI-specific vulnerabilities.

Some key elements of a robust AI security program include: 

  • Secure data processing: It should go without saying that implementing advanced encryption methods and secure data storage solutions are non-negotiable elements in any security plan, and must include strong access controls. 
  • AI-specific threat protection: AI systems face threats that traditional networks do not, such as model poisoning and prompt injection or “jailbreak” attacks. Implementing AI-specific security measures, such as customizable content filters, monitoring and traceability capabilities, adversarial attack protections, and a rapid-response and recovery plan are essential to safeguard against these sophisticated threats.
  • Regular security audits and updates: AI systems, including the models themselves as well as the networks on which they reside, must undergo regular security audits and be routinely updated, replaced, or, in the case of models, retired or retrained to guard against evolving cyber threats.
  • Integrate security into the AI lifecycle: Security should be built in to every stage of the AI lifecycle, from data collection to model development, training, and deployment. This involves employing secure coding practices, validating third-party components, and continuously monitoring AI applications for vulnerabilities.

Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats

As AI technology evolves, so do the associated security threats. Keeping abreast of the latest security research and trends is crucial for maintaining robust protection. The CalypsoAI SaaS-enabled security, enablement, and orchestration platform is designed and built to provide state-of-the-art AI security for enterprise-scale GenAI deployments. With the broadest set of customizable scanners, admin-applied policy-based access controls, full, system-wide observability, and deep insights into model performance and user behavior, the platform is agile, flexible, and user-friendly. It deploys in minutes, thanks to its unique API integration capability, and its scalable, model-agnostic tooling means that it works with what you have now and what you will add to your system down the road. 

Robust AI security is not just a technical necessity at this point in time, but a business, social, and regulatory imperative for maintaining the trustworthiness and reliability of AI systems. By focusing on comprehensive data protection, model security, network safety, continuous monitoring, and ongoing security management, enterprises can ensure that their AI systems are not just powerful, but secure and resilient.


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