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At CalypsoAI, we’re passionate about turning the tide in how GenAI is perceived and utilized in the world of technology. As we prepare for the RSA Conference in San Francisco, we’re excited to share how our state-of-the-art SaaS-based security and enablement platform  is unlocking new pathways to innovation.

We know first-hand how innovation thrives when it’s nurtured in a secure environment, and we have relied on that knowledge as we developed our centralized security control plane. This product will be the guardian of your GenAI journey. With customizable monitoring and audit functionalities and the most extensive range of customizable scanners available anywhere, our solution has set the standard in AI-driven regulatory compliance and data protection.

Our 360-degree observability and visibility features aren’t just about model and system oversight; they’re also about user and model insights, which are critical for driving innovation in a secure and compliant environment. Our platform’s seamless API integration and model-agnostic capabilities mean that your organization’s creative potential is not bound by traditional constraints.

Yes, speed and latency are the features every enterprise deploying GenAI models focuses on, but let’s be real: Security is critical. 

Fast + Porous = A financial, reputational, and compliance catastrophe waiting to happen—and it won’t be waiting for too long.  

Your stakeholders, stockholders, and customers will thank you for not taking that risk. Instead, try our real-time GenAI testing and deployment optimization tools, which will  ensure that your fine-tuned, in-house, or even bespoke GenAI models are not only fit for purpose, but rock-solid secure.

As RSA 2024 draws near, we invite you to join us in San Francisco to explore the space where creativity meets security as we redefine The Art of the Possible. 

Our team of GenAI experts will be on-hand to demonstrate how we’re engineering a more secure, innovative future with our security and enablement solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates! Going to RSA? Click here to book a meeting with us.


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