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RSA 2024 is getting closer, and we are so excited to be a part of the energy and action! CalypsoAI has staked out its place at the intersection of creativity and security, where we showcase the transformative power of generative AI. Our SaaS-enabled security, enablement, and orchestration platform is so much more than a security tool; it’s a canvas for innovation.

  • We blend Creativity and Security: In the limitless GenAI landscape, creativity flourishes at a whole new level when underpinned by robust security. Policy-based access controls ensure that only admin-specified users have access to certain models and, thus, information. Customizable scanners review all inbound and outbound content for prohibited or otherwise unacceptable content, protecting your intellectual property and your system. These are only two of the many ways our platform offers organizations a secure foundation for launching their model-enhancement projects, enabling them to explore the full potential of AI without fear of compliance or security breaches. 
  • We provide Insight-Driven Innovation: Our 360-degree observability and visibility features provide the detailed user and model insights needed to establish secure AI solutions that will nurture, rather than stifle, creative endeavors. Every user interaction with every model is tracked, including results from each policy and audit scanner, which enables full auditability to determine who is using which models, and how and when the models are being used. From optimizing operations to ensuring data protection, our CalypsoAI platform empowers businesses to push the boundaries of what’s possible in AI.
  • We define the Future of AI, Secured: As GenAI continues to evolve, the need for secure, innovative solutions becomes more critical. Our model-agnostic platform introduces zero latency, and enables detailed model performance data in real time for every model in use, allowing cost management and other decisions to be made using the most up-to-date information. Our security and enablement tool is designed to meet both today’s and future challenges head-on, ensuring that enhancing and optimizing your organization’s collective imagination happens safely and securely.

Join us at RSA 2024 on May 6 through May 9 to witness in real time how we’re combining the art of creativity with the science of security in GenAI. Let’s shape the future of technology together—securely and creatively!

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