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As the finance industry continues to embrace digital transformation, the importance of AI security has never been more critical.

CalypsoAI, the leader in AI security, will be attending the 2024 Ai4 conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas from August 12-14. This event brings together top executives, innovators, and practitioners from across industries to explore the latest advancements in AI. As such, we will be showcasing our pioneering solutions designed to address the unique challenges of AI security in the finance sector.

Banking Sector: Protecting Customer Data and Preventing Fraud

The banking industry handles vast amounts of sensitive customer information, making it a prime target for cybercriminals. The integration of AI in banking operations has enhanced efficiency and customer experience, but has also introduced novel security challenges. AI models used in banking must be robust against adversarial attacks and data breaches—both internal and external—to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of customer data.

CalypsoAI’s model-agnostic security platform for generative AI (GenAI) provides comprehensive protection for AI models in banking, offering features like customizable and bespoke scanners, policy-based access controls (PBAC), and continuous monitoring of both model and user behavior. These solutions help banks safeguard their operations and maintain customer trust by preventing fraud and ensuring data privacy.

Insurance Sector: Ensuring Secure Underwriting and Claims Processing

AI is revolutionizing underwriting and claims processing in the insurance industry by enabling faster and more accurate decision-making. However, the reliance on AI also necessitates stringent security measures to protect against potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our AI security platform is tailored to meet the specific needs of the insurance sector with tools for secure model deployment, bias detection, compliance monitoring, and full auditability, ensuring that AI systems operate safely, effectively, and ethically.

Securities and Stock Market: Preventing Market Manipulation

The securities and stock market sector is another arena in which AI has made significant inroads with AI algorithms having been used routinely for years to conduct trading, risk management, and fraud detection. However, with the expansion of AI technology to include GenAI models and all the benefits and risks they bring, algorithms must be more rigorously protected against manipulation to maintain market integrity and fairness, ensure regulatory compliance, and reinforce the public’s trust.

CalypsoAI’s solutions for the securities industry focus on enhancing the security and transparency of AI models. By providing real-time monitoring, full observability, and a robust trust layer, CalypsoAI helps prevent model and data manipulation and protects securities firms’ people, processes, and intellectual property (IP).

Visit CalypsoAI at Ai4 2024

Our participation in Ai4 2024 underscores our commitment to advancing AI security in the finance industry. Attendees are invited to visit us at Booth 431 for demonstrations of our innovative security platform and to discuss how it can help secure AI deployments across the financial landscape.

The Ai4 conference is an excellent opportunity for security practitioners and decision-makers to connect with industry leaders and explore the latest trends and technologies in AI. Don’t miss the chance to learn from experts, attend insightful sessions, and see firsthand how CalypsoAI is leading the way in AI security.

AI will continue to transform the finance industry, which will keep the security of AI systems at the top of the priority list. CalypsoAI’s advanced security solutions provide the protection needed to prevent fraud, ensure compliance, and maintain the integrity of financial operations. Join us at Ai4 2024 to discover how we can help secure your AI initiatives and drive innovation in your organization.


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