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The Calypso Platform

Take control of your AI. With Calypso's end-to-end devops for AI platform, any team has the ability to deploy best-in-class data science and AI models with built-in security, robustness, and quality assurance.




  • Build

  • Test

  • Deploy


An integrated AI workflow.

Vespr is an end-to-end AI development toolkit with model validation & verification, explainability, and security built-in.

Put your team in control.

The VESPR interface requires no code written, allowing technical users to upload models directly to the portal and less-technical users to work in VESPR to develop models end-to-end.


DevOps for AI.

Vespr provides a best-in-class, intuitive workflow to accelerate model development while automating critical quality assurance tests giving any team the ability to deploy best-in-class AI models.

Built-in model quality assurance.

Test your models using Vespr’s automated robustness tests, stress tests, and adversarial machine learning security testing tools.


Integrated deployment and monitoring.

Integrate directly with your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Model explainability and transparency.

Provide ongoing model explainability, auditability, and control across all the AI projects in use at an enterprise.

Do you trust your AI?

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