Use cases

Environmental or Mission Conditions

Blur, data quality, lighting changes—all of these unexpected environmental or mission conditions can affect AI/ML performance.

If your model is not prepared for such environmental factors, your AI mission may be in jeopardy.

How VESPR Validate Drives Mission Success

Test against real-world conditions

Test your AI/ML systems against a variety of corruptions or adverse environmental conditions, providing quick performance visibility.

Robustness against the unexpected

Gain confidence that models will perform even when data quality is not ideal, or an image is blurred slightly due to the environment in which it was captured.

Maintain ownership of your mission

Test for your organization’s conditions specifically, and make ultimate decisions on whether the performance level is acceptable.

Keep your missions on the cutting edge

Through independent testing and validation with VESPR Validate, you are in control of AI mission success, with full knowledge of when your models will fail, and how robust it is against such challenges.


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