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Financial Services

LLM Security and Enablement for the Finance Industry

CalypsoAI is the #1 solution for securing and enabling large language models (LLMs), avoiding costly data breaches, and protecting your organization’s intellectual property (IP).

Financial data is some of the most sensitive data in the AI ecosystem and, as such, it faces threats from many sides. Personal consumer data, ranging from credit card numbers and identity numbers to account balances and spending habits, and corporate proprietary data, are under constant attack from identity theft rings, scammers, and other threat actors, and breaches can incur significant penalties for the organizations charged with protecting the data.

The top three business cases our Financial Sector customers use Generative AI to address are:

  • Fraud Detection and Prevention: Generative AI models analyze vast amounts of financial data to identify patterns indicative of fraudulent activities, helping financial institutions detect and prevent fraudulent transactions in real time.
  • Risk Assessment and Management: Generative AI enables the assessment of risk factors and exposure scenarios, aiding in portfolio optimization, credit scoring, and risk-mitigation strategies for better decision-making.
  • Algorithmic Trading and Market Prediction: Generative AI algorithms analyze market data and historical trends to develop predictive models for forecasting stock prices, optimizing trading strategies, and automating trading decisions in financial markets.

Key CalypsoAI LLM Enablement and Security Feature Suites used:

  • Security and Compliance: Enhances data protection and regulatory adherence, ensuring the integrity and security of financial transactions and sensitive information.
  • Observability and Visibility: Provides transparency and insight into model use, facilitating compliance, optimizing workflows, and enhancing decision-making in financial operations.
  • Testing and Deployment Optimization: Streamlines development processes, accelerating model deployment and iteration to drive innovation and efficiency.
  • API Integration: Facilitates seamless integration into existing financial systems, enabling enhanced functionality, scalability, and interoperability for optimized operations.
  • Multi-model and multimodal support: Expands capabilities by accommodating diverse data types and models, enabling comprehensive analysis and insights for more informed financial decision-making.
  • Cost Management and Optimization: Maximizes budget utilization and resource efficiency, enabling financial institutions to achieve better return on investment and operational excellence in AI-driven initiatives.

CalypsoAI Platform Case Study

The Problem

Unfortunately, human error is the most common cause of data exposure when using LLMs. For example, an employee pastes some experimental source code into a prompt with a request to structure it more concisely, and then sends the prompt to a public LLM. Even though doing so is strictly against company policy, there is no systematic safeguard in place to block the prompt from leaving the company system.

The Challenge

How could merely including that information in a prompt to an LLM expose company data? The company’s highly confidential IP (intellectual property) included in the prompt by the sender has been shared with an unauthorized third party and now resides on that entity’s system. The security of the third party’s system is unknown, potentially exposing the information to additional risk of dissemination if that system is breached. The source code could also be included in the LLM’s knowledge base and, therefore, be accessible to all users, putting the organization’s competitive advantage at risk and potentially leading to financial loss, reduced customer trust, and diminished shareholder value.

The Solution

CalypsoAI’s customizable scanners screen for source code, legal content, and other confidential or proprietary IP. Prompts containing such content are blocked before they can leave your organization’s system and the user is alerted that their prompt must be revised prior to being sent. All details of the interaction, including the prompt content, sender, LLM, date, time, and individual scanner results are recorded, providing full auditability and attribution. Beyond protecting your IP, CalypsoAI Moderator safeguards your organization’s operations.

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