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Calypso AI Security Solutions for Autonomy

Can we trust self-driving cars?

As autonomous vehicles and aerial systems skyrocket in popularity, the AI systems controlling them must be rigorously tested for safety and robustness to adversarial attacks. Calypso specializes in detecting and defending against computer vision-based assaults.


Quality Management

Smart Cities


  • Autonomy

  • Quality Management

  • Smart Cities

  • IoT/IIoT

Calypso helps transportation companies securely implement AI.

Secure Your AI

Hacking AV decision controls has become the go-to for adversarial AI researchers. Calypso puts AI models through their paces to guarantee they won’t be compromised by an external source. We also test new vulnerability vectors and keep development teams constantly informed.

Rigorously Test and Simulate Attacks

We put years of military and intelligence experience at DARPA, IARPA , and NASA to the task of attacking your AI, evaluating the safety and security of your autonomous systems, and pinpointing every weakness.

Report on Performance with Confidence

Calypso empowers AI teams to deliver key insights to non-technical stakeholders and regulatory agencies, helping companies in the automotive space stay compliant and improve performance over time.

Can your organization keep up with rapidly advancing threats to your AI?

  • Researchers proved that they can 1) disturb a Tesla’s auto wipers function with adversarial physical examples (by feeding images into the car’s cameras) and 2) mislead a Tesla into opposing traffic (by placing stickers on the road).

  • Researchers found that when certain patterns are worn by a person or mounted on a vehicle, the patterns trick object detection cameras into thinking the objects aren’t there, that they’re something else, or that they’re in another location.  Incorrect image recognition would cause errors in autonomous decision-making.

Do you trust your AI?

Get in touch to learn how we can identify your systems’ vulnerabilities and keep them secure.