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Calypso AI Security Solutions for Enterprise

Do you know about the risks of AI?

For many large corporations, AI is no longer a novelty – it’s a necessity.




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Calypso empowers enterprise companies with a proactive, AI-specific approach to cybersecurity.

Secure Your AI

Build AI that is robust against adversarial attacks to ensure the continuity of business operations, the mitigation of new cyber risks, and assess ongoing AI security threats.

Assess Your AI Risk

AI introduces unique cybersecurity and compliance risks that today’s enterprises must address. Calypso works tirelessly to align your AI systems with your company’s risk threshold.

Guarantee Regulatory Compliance

Your AI system is only as secure as it is legal. Calypso ensures your AI meets all regulatory requirements and regulations.

Conduct Rigorous Red-Teaming

We put our combined decades of military training to work on attacking your AI, evaluating its level of security, and identifying every weakness.

Create Simplified Reports

You don’t have to be an AI security expert to benefit from our tools. Highly visual reports communicate insights clearly to non-technical stakeholders.

Can your organization keep up with rapidly advancing threats to your AI?

  • Facebook got a lot of backlash from not taking down terror footage quickly. Their AI was unable to classify the footage accurately because the model had not been effectively trained on first-person videos, and the shooter’s video was a first-person video.

  • Google created a project called Perspective which allows anyone to type a phrase into the interface and see the toxicity score. Researchers found a way to create adversarial examples, modifying highly toxic phrases to be non-toxic phrases uses.  These examples could be used to spread harmful content on social media.

  • Facebook faces the following problems around elections: blocking and removing fake accounts; fighting the spread of misinformation; stopping abuse by domestic actors; spotting attempts at foreign meddling; and taking action against inauthentic coordinated campaigns. These problems are mostly manual or automated (non-ML-based) adversarial attacks which attempt to affect world politics

Do you trust your AI?

Get in touch to learn how we can identify your systems’ vulnerabilities and keep them secure.