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Calypso AI Security Solutions for Healthcare

Is your AI system secure enough to make life-or-death decisions?

Healthcare professionals rely on AI more than ever to make diagnostic decisions that directly impact clinical outcomes. Calypso secures your AI so that adversarial threats to the system are known, understood, and mitigated.

Patient & Resource Management

Clinical Decision Support


Chart Audits


  • Patient & Resource Management

  • Clinical Decision Support

  • Authorizations

  • Chart Audits

  • Claims

Calypso helps healthcare companies across all verticals implement secure AI.

Secure Your AI

Hackers and dark web buyers continue to target healthcare data, even in the age of AI. Calypso conducts rigorous vulnerability testing to ensure your AI does not open new adversarial channels for data exfiltration.

Train Your Stakeholders

Healthcare stakeholders have varying levels of experience with AI technologies, but all could benefit from additional training. We teach senior management and technical teams at healthcare companies about healthcare-specific AI vulnerabilities and ethical considerations.


Secure healthcare AI is HIPAA-compliant. Calypso identifies all potential violations and regulatory infringements to keep your network safe and within legal bounds.

Can your organization keep up with rapidly advancing threats to your AI?

  • Attacks on BigML services are able to estimate whether a respondent in a lifestyle survey admitted to cheating on their significant other (with no false positives when tested against the training data). This technique could be used to steal PII and personal information about patients.

  • Researchers inject and remove lung cancer from CT scans and show how 3 expert radiologists and a state-of-the-art ML model are highly susceptible to the attack. They intercepted and manipulated CT scans in an active hospital network with a covert penetration test.  This could be used to stop a political candidate, sabotage research, commit insurance fraud, perform an act of terrorism, commit murder, or demand ransom.

Do you trust your AI?

Get in touch to learn how we can identify your systems’ vulnerabilities and keep them secure.