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Calypso AI Security Solutions for Insurance

How do you ensure your AI is secure?

AI systems can help insurance companies dynamically manage pricing, risk, and customer service. But fraudsters can learn how an algorithm makes decisions and place false claims that fool an AI.

Claims Fraud

Claims Triage

Coverage & Pricing Segmentation

Back-Office Automation


  • Claims Fraud

  • Claims Triage

  • Coverage & Pricing Segmentation

  • Back-Office Automation

  • Underwriting

Calypso helps insurance companies securely implement AI.

Understand New Risks

Outside threats and legal risks are constantly evolving and multiplying. Keep your AI up to date and prepared to solve them all with the help of Calypso’s cutting-edge software.


In heavily regulated industries like the insurance space, compliance is paramount. Business leaders can rest easy at night knowing Calypso keeps your AI safe, secure, and free from adversarial attack.

Customer Success

AI can help insurance companies serve their customers in unprecedented ways. Calypso safeguards your systems so that they do so securely, legally, and well.

Can your organization keep up with rapidly advancing threats to your AI?

  • Facebook got a lot of backlash from not taking down terror footage quickly. Their AI was unable to classify the footage accurately because the model had not been effectively trained on first-person videos, and the shooter’s video was a first-person video.

  • Google created a project called Perspective which allows anyone to type a phrase into the interface and see the toxicity score. Researchers found a way to create adversarial examples, modifying highly toxic phrases to be non-toxic phrases uses.  These examples could be used to spread harmful content on social media.

  • Facebook faces the following problems around elections: blocking and removing fake accounts; fighting the spread of misinformation; stopping abuse by domestic actors; spotting attempts at foreign meddling; and taking action against inauthentic coordinated campaigns. These problems are mostly manual or automated (non-ML-based) adversarial attacks which attempt to affect world politics

Do you trust your AI?

Get in touch to learn how we can identify your systems’ vulnerabilities and keep them secure.