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In order for innovation to be embraced globally while maintaining a focus on democratic ethics and trust, AI systems cannot be developed and deployed in isolation. Future conflict success requires rapid pace and coordinated efforts. This requires new levels of interoperability.

How VESPR Validate Drives Mission Success

Accelerate your existing MLOps pipeline

VESPR Validate is built to quickly establish widespread confidence in AI robustness and security, enabling the sharing of data and systems with others.

A unified process toward responsible AI

Apply and test different-sourced data across the same mission scenarios to ensure outputs and decisions are aligned across departments and allies.

Robust and secure no matter the risks

Quickly support the development of models to overcome obstructions and errors, and remain resilient against adversaries.

Supporting a “techno-democratic” future

Support a repeatable, automated process for testing and validating AI, creating stakeholder trust across all echelons and supporting widespread AI deployment and interoperability.


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