Use cases

Model Acquisition

As vendors look to sell algorithms and AI systems to the federal government, an independent testing and validation solution can support an efficient pipeline to deploy these systems to the field. Without this system, a logjam can be created during model acquisition that keeps AI from seeing widespread, trustworthy adoption.

How VESPR Validate Drives Mission Success

Validate models for your use case

Test ML models before acquisition and quickly identify whether they will perform against common corruptions and attacks.

A repeatable process

By moving away from ad hoc testing, a pipeline can be generated that leads to the acceleration of AI innovation across the organization.

Ready to go before deployment

Testing earlier in the MLOps lifecycle, with clear results that guide decision-making, brings models from development to deployment more efficiently.

ML Failure - Adverse Weather Conditions

Build your AI missions for success

Quickly accelerate trust in the robustness and security of the ML models you are buying or selling, and bring confidence to the continued innovation and adoption of responsible AI.


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