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New Model-agnostic SaaS Platform Will Drive GenAI Adoption and Efficiency While Achieving the Highest Level of Safety and Security



WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CalypsoAI, the leader in AI Security and Enablement, announced today that it has launched the CalypsoAI Platform, an advanced SaaS-based security and enablement solution for generative AI applications within the enterprise. With the new model-agnostic SaaS platform, technology, innovation, and security leaders can harness the power of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) across their enterprise safely and securely.

“Enterprises are adopting different LLMs for different tasks at lightning speed, and many companies are building their own tools to fit specific use cases. There must be flexible solutions that give these organizations the security assurance they need at a speed that matches the pace of their innovation”

According to a recent Boston Consulting Group survey of more than 1,400 C-suite executives, 90% of leaders are still waiting for generative AI to move beyond the hype or are only pursuing limited experimentation of the technology. Additionally, 66% of leaders are ambivalent or dissatisfied with their progress on AI and generative AI—despite it being a top-three tech priority for almost all survey respondents.

Understanding that having the right security and enablement strategy is critical to overcoming the hype cycle and realizing value from generative AI, CalypsoAI has developed the CalypsoAI Platform to give organizations the trust, visibility, and cost measurement tools needed to spur the mass adoption of AI. Brought to market by the top minds in cybersecurity, data science, and machine learning, the CalypsoAI Platform provides a trust layer for any organization using LLMs or generative AI tools, while simultaneously optimizing processes, protecting data, and eliminating cyber threats. With unmatched APIs, the cybersecurity and enablement platform fits seamlessly into existing workflows, allowing organizations to get up and running quickly without the need for costly system overhauls. Users have access to industry-leading tooling for real-time LLM cybersecurity insights and recommendations, keeping every step of LLM deployment secured—whether the LLM is custom-built or third-party.

This news builds on the launch of CalypsoAI’s Moderator Solution—announced less than one year ago—to deliver a more robust, end-to-end offering to secure generative AI use within organizations. All of Moderator’s capabilities— from preventing malicious injection attacks to preventing data leakage—are available in the CalypsoAI Platform. In addition, the Platform offers:

  • Robust Security and Observability Across All LLM Usage—With new observability and visibility dashboards, users get a first-of-its-kind solution to scan, flag, alert, and protect systems against common vulnerabilities and internal and external risks in real time. Admins can review and evaluate insights about model performance and behavior, such as decision-making processes, limitations, reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Model-Agnostic Enablement for Custom and Third-Party LLMs—Users can build best-in-class AI applications and execute digital transformation projects without the constraints of LLM provider limitations. CalypsoAI’s user-in-the-loop platform makes it simpler than ever to experiment with and scale multimodal and multi-model generative AI projects with large, small, and internally created models, all working asynchronously.
  • Seamless Plug-and-Play APIs for Quick and Easy Integration—CalypsoAI’s industry-leading API enables companies to drive efficiencies and boost productivity and profitability by providing simplicity, ease-of-use, and speed for smooth integration with existing organizational processes.
  • Complete Alignment on Compliance Standards— CalypsoAI provides cutting-edge solutions that future-proof companies’ success and secure their data when deploying LLMs, no matter what regulation may be adopted.

“Enterprises are adopting different LLMs for different tasks at lightning speed, and many companies are building their own tools to fit specific use cases. There must be flexible solutions that give these organizations the security assurance they need at a speed that matches the pace of their innovation,” said Neil Serebryany, CEO and founder of CalypsoAI. “The new CalypsoAI Platform gives organizations access to a solution that allows for the widespread, responsible use of generative AI and LLMs at scale. With features built-in to protect businesses from cyber risks and give visibility into how often models are used and to what end, the platform not only enables adoption but starts to measure real impact on the organization.”

To learn more about the CalypsoAI Platform and how it can enable your organization to use generative AI to its full potential, visit the website. Those interested in trying the Platform for free, can try the platform in Beta by signing up here.

About CalypsoAI

CalypsoAI is the leader in AI Security and Enablement. As a trusted partner and global leader in the AI Security domain, CalypsoAI empowers enterprises and governments to leverage the immense potential of generative AI solutions and large language models (LLMs) responsibly and securely. CalypsoAI strives to shape a future in which technology and security coalesce to transform how businesses operate and contribute to a better world. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2018 by top minds in the fields of artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning, the company has secured backing from investors including Paladin Capital Group, Lockheed Martin Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, 8VC, Hakluyt Capital, and Empros Capital. To learn more, visit the website or follow CalypsoAI on XYouTube, and LinkedIn.


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