Use cases

Target Identification

Governments rely on accurate intelligence on an adversary’s assets—movements, personnel numbers, vehicles, and more—to drive near- and long-term strategies. Targeting decisions can be made in mere seconds, and the accuracy of target identification data is vital to suitably reduce commanders’ risk.

How VESPR Validate Drives Mission Success

Driving warfighter trust

Reduce guesswork and garner trust in AI from the battlespace to the boardroom through independent testing and validation.

Prepare for the expected and unexpected

Test your model’s real-world predictions against what it should predict, introducing it to potential corruptions, interference, and adversarial attacks.

Confident decision-making

Make informed decisions and mitigate battlefield risks in high-stakes AI missions.

A trusted independent testing and validation solution

Through our testing capabilities, model vulnerabilities are identified, enabling mission stakeholders to make rapid decisions on deployment.


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