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In anticipation of the globally renowned RSA Conference, which focuses this year on “The Art of Possible” in cybersecurity, we invite you to join us for an exclusive webinar that primes the innovative discussions of the conference. Renowned security expert Gary McGraw converses with Jim Routh and Neil Serebryany about the critical importance of securing generative AI technology in our digital age.

Let The Art of Secure Innovation: A Deep Dive into Generative AI and Cybersecurity get you in the RSA Conference spirit by addressing the dual challenge of mitigating risks and cultivating secure innovation. Our panel of distinguished experts discuss best practices and strategies, and share real-world case studies about integrating generative AI securely. This session offers a concentrated look at the intersection of creativity and cybersecurity, equipping viewers with expert advice and actionable insights for navigating the complexities of digital innovation. Whether you are a cybersecurity professional, a business leader, or an innovator, this webinar is a must-watch event to prepare for the RSA Conference and to understand the landscape of securing generative AI technologies.

Heading to RSA Conference 2024? Book a Demo with The CalypsoAI Team

Attending the RSA Conference and want to learn more about the CalypsoAI Generative AI Security and Enablement Platform? 

If you’re ready to explore “The Art of Possible” and see how CalypsoAI is blending security with innovation, orchestration, and a twist of lemon, we’d love to meet you.


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