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Why CalypsoAI?

We bring together the top minds in the fields of data science, machine learning, and cybersecurity.

Accelerating toward a secure AI-Driven Future

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Empowering organizations to leverage AI safely, securely, and responsibly.


Enable Gen-AI Adoption at Scale


Harness AI Safely

Your Trusted Partner

CalypsoAI is the leader in the AI Security and Enablement domain.

We are driving the field in shaping a future in which technology and security coalesce to transform how businesses operate, while contributing to a better world.

With the help of CalypsoAI, business leaders and decision-makers can articulate success in their fields because they are deeply familiar with their operations, their markets, and their people. As the AI Security and Enablement leader, CalypsoAI enables enterprises across the industry spectrum to embrace new generative technologies safely and securely.

Our tiger teams of experts in data science, machine learning, engineering, and industrial design are continually developing new approaches, pushing boundaries, and advancing thought leadership in their fields in the pursuit of creating secure AI solutions to pressing issues in a range of industries.

“CISOs recognize the need to put the right governance model in place to help business innovation in the use of LLMs without causing data leakage challenges, along with inaccurate and ineffective results.”

Jim Routh

Former CSO/CISO for American Express, 
DTCC, KPMG, Aetna, CVS, and MassMutual

Meet The CalypsoAI Leadership Team

Neil Serebryany

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

James White

Chief Technical Officer

Donnchadh Casey

Chief Operating Officer

Yash Tulsani

Chief Financial Officer

“As generative AI (GenAI) burst into public consciousness in late 2022, there is a great desire to use AI technology to improve organizational efficiency and productivity. However, there is also great concern over the security of all forms of AI, whether using AI models and applications developed internally or by third parties … IDC Innovators offer an innovative new technology … CalypsoAI was founded in 2018, several years before GenAI burst onto the scene, and it has developed tools to enable the safe use of large language models … CalypsoAI provides a trust layer and an API … and works for all LLMs”

– IDC 2024 Innovators Report