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Use LLMs Safely and Securely

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CalypsoAI Moderator

Observability, Security and Control in one platform

Observability and Visibility

Gain understanding and insight into user interactions and LLM output

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Use RBAC to gain deep visibility into teams’ LLMs and multi-model usage to maximize resource management
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Leverage prompt and response tracking to inform corporate LLM adoption and usage policies
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Optimize user insights to manage risk, security, and compliance issues related to operational threats
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Detect and shield CVEs proactively

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Scan and flag CVEs within user prompts and generative AI outputs
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Alert the user and log the data when a secret is detected within the content of a prompt or an LLM response
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Protect proprietary data by detecting source code in user prompts and malicious code in LLM responses
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Define enterprise-wide preventive guardrails for LLMs

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Human in-the-loop verification enables trusted use of generative AI outputs and mitigates the spread of misinformation
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Track and monitor user behavior with a full spectrum of system performance insights
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Understand your LLM attack surface, with controls across internal and external LLMs
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CISOs recognize the need to put the right governance model in place to help business innovation in the use of LLMs without causing data leakage challenges, along with inaccurate and ineffective results.

Jim Routh

Former CSO/CISO for American Express, DTCC, KPMG, Aetna, CVS, and MassMutual

Why CalypsoAI?

Our vision is to become the trusted partner and global leader in the AI Security domain.

Whether you’re building, running, or updating your AI adoption strategies, CalypsoAI is your AI Security partner at every step.

Founded by top minds

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2018 by top minds in the fields of artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning

World’s first LLM Security Solution

Having created the world’s first LLM security solution, we have unparalleled expertise and experience in addressing Generative AI challenges

Backed by leading investors

Backed by leading investors, including Paladin Capital Group, Lockheed Martin Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, 8VC, Hakluyt Capital, and Empros Capital

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