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CalypsoAI brings together the top minds in the fields of data science, machine learning, and defense to create the leading-edge solutions for testing and validation.


Founded in Silicon Valley by DARPA, NASA, and DoD veterans

We started CalypsoAI to solve the biggest challenges facing AI today, and accelerate the global race toward responsible, trustworthy AI adoption.

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Our company is built on the belief that an independent testing and validation process is an accelerator to an ethical, responsible AI - driven future.

Currently, as agencies around the world race to integrate AI into their processes, only 11% of organizations have invested in tools to secure their AI. This inability to efficiently build trust in AI is the greatest logjam to widespread responsible AI adoption.

By testing models prior to deployment, in a multifaceted manner that encompasses the conditions the model will encounter, AI systems can quickly be validated for deployment with widespread confidence that they are robust and secure.

Trusted AI is not just a problem for data scientists. In the race to gain the competitive edge that results from a data-driven approach, stakeholders need the tools that bring confidence, security, and speed to AI strategy.

We have the tools to make this future a reality.

Our Team


Neil Serebryany

Chief Executive Officer

Neil has led industry-defining innovations throughout his career. From being one of the world’s youngest venture capital investors to the front lines of national security innovation as a DoD civilian, Neil has pushed science and applications forward. Neil holds multiple patents in the space of machine learning.


James White

Chief Technology Officer

James has built and scaled security and data-oriented companies as an engineering lead, including FireEye Mandiant and Qualtrics. He has built and delivered software for state and federal government agencies in the US as well as a wide range of commercial clients.


Robert McGrath

Vice President, Marketing

A graduate of University College Dublin, Robert is a recognised global marketing leader, having held various senior leadership roles at Linkedin, more recently as their International Marketing Director. Previous to that, he's held senior positions across the Telco and Tourism sectors. Robert's experience to date sits at the intersection of hyper-growth and hyper-complexity.


Magdalena Szostok

HR Manager

Magda leads our key people strategies, including talent acquisition, talent development, and HR operations. Before joining CalypsoAI, Magda held key HR positions in companies, including Telefonica as their UK HR advisor, was the International HR lead for Yelp, and, more recently, OneLogin's International HR Manager.

Jeff headshot-01

Jeff Howard

Vice President, Sales

Jeff Howard has spent more than 20 years helping the public and private sector innovate through software and big data analytics at companies like VMware, Pivotal, LexisNexis, and Dun & Bradstreet. While at Pivotal and VMware he was responsible for helping found the first true Agile Development Software Factory in the Department of Defense: The Kessel Run program, and went on to pioneer numerous other DEVSECOPS programs across the National Security space. Jeff is a 1994 Graduate of the United States Naval Academy.

Paul McGowan

Paul McGowan

Vice President of Commercial Sales

Paul McGowan is a business growth expert with over 35 years of experience in the technology industry. He has been a driver of success in organizations such as vArmour, SilverTail Systems, Vericept Corporation, IBM, and more. With a deep understanding of business growth, security, and artificial intelligence, he will be vital to driving CalypsoAI’s commercial success.


Mitchell Sipus, PhD

Senior Director, Product & Customer Strategy

For over 12 years Dr. Sipus has built organizations and pioneered digital products with global impact. Mitchell was a 2016, Presidential Innovation Fellow at the White House, detailed to the EPA, VA, US Dept. of State, and the National Security Council. As specialist in human computer interaction (HCI), Mitchell has built successful ventures in the domains of private equity, computer vision, regional security and post-war reconstruction.


Tony Demartino

Strategy, PR, Partnerships

Tony is a Founding Partner of Pallas. He was most recently the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense and the Chief of Staff to the Deputy Secretary of Defense. Previously, Tony served more than 20 years as an Infantry officer in the U.S. Army, and served as Chief of Staff to the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.


Kari Bingen

Technology, Strategy

Served as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (DUSD(I&S)). Previously, she was the Policy Director on the House Armed Service Committee and a space policy analyst at the Aerospace Corporation. Kari is a Non-Resident Senior Adviser at CSIS. She is a graduate of MIT with a degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a 2002 NRO Technology Fellow.


David Spirk

Special Advisor to CEO

David is the former Chief Data Officer of the U.S. Department of Defense, and CalypsoAI's Special Advisor to the CEO advancing their mission success and go-to-market efforts. As CDO, David developed the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s data strategy and his assessment of data-driven efforts led to the establishment of the DoD's Chief Digital and AI Officer. David is a key evangelist for advancing the importance of data-driven mission success through trusted AI.


Michael Molino

Business Development Strategy

Mike Molino is ASRC Federal’s Executive Vice President of corporate development where he leads the company’s mergers and acquisitions strategy, ensuring effective capital deployment and strategy alignment. Previously, Mike was the Senior Vice President of corporate development at Leidos where he helped lead the Leidos acquisition of Lockheed Martin IS&GS. Mike is also a member of the Autonomy Study Group at the Army Science Board and was a Vice President at SAIC.


Tyler Sweatt

Government Project Advisor

Tyler is an experienced sales, strategy, and business executive focused on emerging technology and national security. He has spent the past decade working on emerging technology and security challenges, helping organizations to identify, customize, and scale critical technologies. Tyler worked at futurist firm Toffler Associates where he led the emerging technology and security practice and founded consulting firm Future Tense, which was acquired in 2019. A former military officer, Tyler is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point.


Congressman David Dreier

Strategic and Technical Advisor

David Dreier served from 1981-2013 as a member of Congress ascending you the congressional leadership. A Distinguished Fellow at the Brookings Institution and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, he is the immediate past Chairman of Tribune Publishing. Dreier is a trustee of Claremont McKenna College (his alma mater) and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


Ali Golshan

Strategic and Technical Advisor

Ali is the Co-founder & CTO of StackRox. Prior to StackRox Ali was the Founder & CTO of Cyphort and lead the company's research & technical initiatives; he is the original architect behind the core Cyphort technologies. Previously Ali has advised numerous Fortune 100 companies including Google, Microsoft, Visa and PwC. Ali has also worked with Government Intelligence Agencies and Defense Contractors.

Dr Gary McGraw_Advisor

Dr. Gary McGraw

Board Advisor

Dr. Gary McGraw is an expert on software security, co-founder of the Berryville Institute of Machine Learning, and best-selling author. Dr. McGraw holds dual PhDs in Cognitive Science and Computer Science from Indiana University, where he serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council for the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering.

Jim Routh_Advisor

Jim Routh

Board Advisor

Jim Routh is a renowned cyber security industry expert and thought leader Jim Routh as a board advisor. Mr. Routh brings with him decades of pioneering leadership as a CISO/CSO for CVS Health, Aetna, KPMG, DTCC, American Express, and MassMutual.


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