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At CalypsoAI, we’re redefining AI and cybersecurity defense with our groundbreaking SaaS-based security, enablement, and orchestration solution for enterprise-scale GenAI deployments. As we gear up to be at RSA 2024 in less than two short weeks, we are continuing to do our part to exemplify The Art of The Possible, and will have our CalypsoAI platform available for demonstrations and “test drives.”  We could not be more pumped up to show you how our product is breaking boundaries in cybersecurity and AI defense.

Task 1: Redefine AI Security Defense: Our platform’s robust security and compliance capabilities are setting new standards in AI-enabled cybersecurity defense. We provide a centralized, customizable security control plane with policy and audit scanners, policy-based access controls, in-depth model performance monitoring, and user tracking to ensure your cybersecurity defense strategies are built on a foundation of unparalleled trust and reliability.

Task 2: Optimize AI Deployment: The advent of GenAI has sped up the evolution of cyber technology in ways only the most prescient thinkers could conceive. That includes those with malicious intent, unfortunately. The threats to organizational data security have never been greater, nor more difficult to detect and prevent. Our solution offers real-time observability across all models on your system and full visibility into user and model behavior to allow you to optimize model utility to meet your business needs and use cases, and stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

Task 3: Provide Flexibility and Efficiency: Our platform offers unmatched flexibility by enabling your users to be signed in and operational in minutes thanks to our unique API and clear, user-friendly interface. Completely model-agnostic, the platform supports large language models (LLMs) whether public, open-source, or fine-tuned, as well as internal, small, and retrieval-augmented generative (RAG) models, and provides the same level of security for all without introducing latency. Our broad approach is the most flexible GenAI security solution available, catering to diverse organizational needs so businesses can tailor their defense strategies quickly and effectively.

We can’t wait for you to join us at RSA 2024 to see for yourself how our product is transforming the landscape of AI and cybersecurity defense. Let us show you how secure GenAI is the key to innovative, effective, and resilient AI defense strategies.


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