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BlackHat 2024, one of the most anticipated events in the cybersecurity world, is just around the corner. Thousands of cybersecurity professionals, software developers, and white-hat hackers will gather in Las Vegas this August to learn about, question, and kick the tires of the most cutting-edge security technologies and innovations on the market. Once again, CalypsoAI will be at the conference, showcasing our leadership in the Security for Generative AI space.

We’ll be demonstrating our most recent pioneering solutions for GenAI security: bespoke scanners and chatbot integrations. We invite you to visit Booth 4310, where you can meet our team of experts, learn about our solutions, and see firsthand how we are creating the future of AI security. Our booth will feature live demonstrations, interactive sessions, and opportunities to engage with our experts.

As more organizations seek to integrate GenAI into their tech stack, the critical issue of securing it must be addressed. CalypsoAI’s robust, model-agnostic security platform has been designed to meet the unique challenges of securing GenAI models. Our expertise in this area means we can be a trusted partner of organizations that want to safeguard their AI systems against emerging threats.

One of the key features we’ll be showcasing at BlackHat 2024 is our advanced, customizable, and bespoke scanners. These scanners are designed to detect vulnerabilities and threats in AI models, ensuring they operate securely and effectively. They provide comprehensive coverage, from identifying potential attack vectors to contributing to actionable insights for mitigation. The ability for organizations to determine for themselves what their threat priorities are and create scanners that focus specifically on those threats with detailed, curated parameters and thresholds is available only from CalypsoAI.

We invite all BlackHat attendees to visit the CalypsoAI booth to watch our solution in action and learn more about the scanners and other cutting-edge features in our security platform. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how CalypsoAI is revolutionizing AI security. Schedule a demo with our team and discover how we can help you protect your AI investments.


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