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Yash Tulsani has joined CalypsoAI as Chief Finance Officer. We sat down with him recently to get to know him and find out what he has in store for CalypsoAI.  

CAI: Hello Yash! Let’s begin with you telling us a little bit about your background and how you arrived at where you are today.

YT: Sure thing. I am originally from Bombay, India and moved to the U.S. in my early teens. I began my career on Wall Street as an Equity Analyst covering the Software and Fintech sectors, which allowed me to witness first-hand what best-in-class technology companies look like. I fell in love with technology businesses then and wanted to learn what it takes to build and scale one. 

So I joined UiPath in 2018 during its scale-up phase to help build the Corporate Development, Strategy, Partnerships, and Investments function. I had incredible learnings there about category creation, building a platform, scaling software businesses, and so much more. I am excited to bring all those experiences to CalypsoAI during a very exciting time for the company.  

CAI: You were in a very exciting role at UiPath during a very exciting time for the company. What made you want to make the move to CalypsoAI? 

YT: In my last role at UiPath, I was already playing at the intersection of Automation, Orchestration, and AI while defining UiPath’s M&A and Partnerships strategy. In conversations with our enterprise customers and partners, I noted that a combination of security, governance, and compliance was always top of mind and a key blocker to adopting Automation and AI. UiPath won in Robotics Process Automation (RPA) because we recognized those concerns and made security, governance, and compliance the centerpiece of our platform. 

As use of large language models (LLMs) went mainstream following the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, I saw that security was going to be critical to drive LLM adoption in the enterprise. Neil and the CalypsoAI team have been at the forefront of AI Security, recognizing the need for securing machine learning (ML) models years before it became apparent to the world. They were way ahead of their time. As I thought about the kind of team I want to be in the trenches with, I knew CalypsoAI was the best team out there. 

CAI: That’s great to hear! Tell us about what you have done in past roles that will help CalypsoAI grow and/or scale.  

YT: During my career, I have been lucky to be involved in various high-growth, rapidly scaling start-ups that created new categories, won their markets, and built generational mission-critical platforms while creating substantial business value for all their stakeholders. I hope to bring that experience to bear as we look to build a generational enterprise software company at CalypsoAI. 

CAI: That’s awesome. What challenges do you anticipate for a company in our growth stage?

YT: (With a laugh) Where do I begin? We are at the leading edge of arguably the most exciting, dynamic market in existence, and I don’t mean just the AI and LLM space. We are also building the critical elements for enterprises to be able to adopt LLMs at scale—Security and Orchestration.

Being in this space at this time also comes with its own risks; we need to make sure we are striking the right balance between selling for today’s problems vs. building for tomorrow’s problems. The best way we can do this is by being customer-centric. I am a strong believer that our customers have to be our North Star. If we are solving their pain points, everything else will fall into place. 

CAI: Tell us about the defining moment in your career when you knew what you were doing was what you were meant to do.

YT: Sure. I was working at UiPath and living in New York City when the COVID pandemic hit in 2020. The world was shutting down and so many services we take for granted were no longer available. That is where software and technology as a whole really became the means of keeping our society functioning. One great example of this is that because of the company I was helping build, the New York State Department of Labor was able to process over a million unemployment applications in a week and get New Yorkers their unemployment benefits. That was an incredible validation of the small impact I was able to have during a global pandemic, and it was incredibly fulfilling.  

CAI: That is definitely a huge win. What other aspects of your job bring you the most satisfaction? 

YT: Working with customers and partners, especially when we are able to solve their problems and create the Aha! moment for them. That’s what brings me the most joy. 

CAI: Are you ready for a little fun

YT: Always.

CAI: Okay, let’s do a lightning round. Tea or coffee? 

YT: Coffee.

CAI: Top bucket-list destination?

YT: Zanzibar, Tanzania.

CAI: Best bit of advice you’ve ever received? 

YT: Every day you wake up, you have a new job…to be better than yesterday.

CAI: Early bird or night owl? 

YT: Night owl.

CAI: Rugby or soccer?

YT: Soccer. Go Arsenal!  

CAI: What inspires you?

YT: Meeting new people and forming a connection gives me a lot of joy.  

CAI: What do you do for fun?

YT: I love to watch soccer, play strategy video games, listen to jazz music, and read books.

CAI: If you were a crayon, what color would you be? 

YT: Definitely red. 

CAI: If you were given a time machine, would you go forward or backward, and how far? 

YT: 1000 years forward, without a doubt. 


Welcome to the CalypsoAI family, Yash! We’re looking forward to doing great things with you as part of the leadership team.