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Join the industry’s most advanced platform for securing, building and testing LLM applications.

Robust Security and Compliance

Centralized security control plane with customizable audit functionality and parameters. The broadest set of customizable scanners on the market ensures regulatory compliance and data protection every step of the way.

Effortless API Integration

The CalypsoAI API streamlines integration, allowing seamless connectivity with existing processes. It accelerates implementation, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Adoption requires only a few lines of code.

360-Degree Observability & Visibility

Usage insights tooling to drive efficiency 
and transparency across business operations. Organizations can optimize operations, enhance security, enable informed decision-making, foster trust, and maximize the benefits of generative AI technologies while minimizing risks.

Model Agnostic

Asynchronous multi-model and multimodal software enables businesses to diversify their solutions and address various needs efficiently. Our trust layer offers flexibility and the ability to tailor solutions to specific use cases, driving growth and competitiveness.

Real-Time Generative AI Testing and Deployment Optimization

Evaluate and refine models before deployment. Our platform enhances the reliability and accuracy of AI applications, optimizes resource utilization, accelerates development cycles, and fosters innovation by facilitating a test bed for rapidly iterating and improving model performance.

Cost Management and Optimization

A feature suite for efficiently utilizing LLMs, saving resources, and maximizing return on investment. By controlling expenses and enhancing performance, businesses can 
achieve greater financial sustainability and competitiveness with AI initiatives.

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Generative AI Security and Orchestration Made Easy

Drive Efficiency and Improve Processes

Achieve the highest level of safety and security while driving efficiency.

Real-time LLM Cybersecurity Insights

Trusted industry-leading tooling for cybersecurity insights and recommendations.

Resource and Time-Saving Tooling

Groundbreaking solution for optimizing processes, protecting data, and eliminating cyber threats.

Fit Seamlessly into Existing Enterprise Processes

No costly and time-consuming system overhauls required. Deployment options to suit any enterprise needs.

A Trusted Partner

A support team that scales with business needs, including email, chat, and Slack support.

Real-Time Generative AI Democratization

We believe in AI for all, and help organizations of every size harness AI safely.

Security and Orchestration for Generative AI Internal and External Applications

Internal GenAI Applications: 
Enable secure use of LLMs across the organization.
  • Centralized security with one control plane
  • Customizable audit and observability parameters
  • Fine-tuned policy/user-group permissions
  • User insights and engagement tracking
External, Partner, and Customer-Facing Applications: Secure deployment of LLMs in your own applications and products.
  • Sits in-line within the development process
  • Interact via a simple API call
  • Risk-scoring capabilities
  • On-demand scanners

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We Support

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Blog July 17, 2024

Leveraging Gen AI Models and LLMs for Enhanced Cybersecurity

Generative AI (GenAI) models and large language models (LLMs) are revolutionizing the cybersecurity landscape. Traditional security measures are inadequate in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Deploying GenAI models…